About me How did I
get from banking
to proaching?

I have developed proaching as the essence of my experiences

At first, my interest in economics and my affinity for numbers led me into banking through a banking apprenticeship and a degree in business administration. In my position as COO/CAO in investment banking people, their differences and their interactions became evermore important in addition to numbers.

To an increasing extent, I acted as an advisor and moderator and realized that this role, which I appreciated more and more, demanded different knowledge.

After various coaching training courses and their successful application to my function at the company, I decided to become a full-time coach. Based on my management and coaching experience, I designed my own coaching approach: “proaching”, which combines work on leadership attitude with transformation and change management knowledge.

My attitude as a coach

Effective work attitude requires a clear attitude and line of the coach.
This is what coachees and companies particularly appreciate about me:


Strength, posture, analytical clarity and structure combined with empathy, sensitivity, humor and composure.


In terms of training, experience, technical and methodological knowledge as well as in conception, execution and cooperation.

Practical competence

Target-oriented instead of problem-oriented. Own in-depth knowledge of companies. Knowledge of possibilities and limits.