proaching What does
proaching mean?

Attitude and mindset first

Development measures aimed at pure behavioral changes make little sense in my opinion.

These can train desired actions superficially, but usually do not lead to a lasting effect.

The competence of genuine, long-term sustainable action requires the competence of attitude: the deep inner clarity and security to do the right thing. Self-determined, self-reliant.

This is what I work for.

No dogma

My main topics are New Leadership, New Work, Agility, Diversity.
Especially here attitude is fundamental.

Breaking with the past according to the motto “new instead of old” or “one fits all” and implementing different thinking and working at the push of a button is neither target-oriented, nor promising.

For me, it is crucial to start with the existing attitude, culture and organization. And to develop it individually, at the right pace and with the right tools, in a chosen and meaningful direction.

This is the way to create positive openness and confidence among all participants. As a basis for effective transformation.